Product Strategy Lab

The big picture

Speaking doesn’t last.

You know this, of course.

A single live event is a lot like taking a bath ... it’s temporary! And by Monday morning, the buzz of your event has worn off, and it’s back to the status quo.

To make matters worse, this in-and-out approach positions you as a hired hand -- a necessary expense to your client’s event -- instead of as a valued partner in their ongoing leadership development process.

A small window

As a result, you lose your client’s attention soon after the event, and so you turn your focus to the next gig.

Rinse and repeat.

A fellow speaker calls this phenomenon The Worst Kind of Fame: accepting that your window of influence is brief, and the people you touched will likely forget your name – and even your face – just hours or days after your presentation.

To get out of this loop, something’s gotta change. 

You need the right product to deliver on the heels of your speaking success.

The right product

The right product opens the door to greater profits and impact, and sets you up for long-term success:

  • The right product attracts attention. It positions you as someone clients can trust for long-term training and consulting success. 
  • The right product increases your impact. It expands your audience beyond just the employees who are able to attend your events. 
  • The right product keeps you at the forefront. It draws attention from other influencers, and brings credence and structure to your content. 
  • The right product is a HUGE competitive advantage. It differentiates you from the masses, and leverages your content, brand, and reputation. 
  • The right product makes you money. It monetizes your expertise, and gets the companies to spend their leadership development bucks with you. 
  • The right product can become your legacy. It becomes the foundation for all your other non-speaking products and services. Even if they don’t buy your product, it still pays a huge Authority Dividend -- leading to higher fees down the road. 

Your core product

The right product for you is your core product: a purposeful, proprietary system that extends the value you bring to your clients beyond the stage.

Unlike vague, traditional consulting and coaching, your core product allows you to productize your service offerings and systematize your fulfillment and delivery – allowing you to scale your business, create substantial residual income, and do it all in a much more hands-off approach.

Done right, your core product separates you from the pack, expands your reach, attracts new business, and earns you income even when you’re not speaking.

Digital product

Not even 10 years ago, almost all of your legitimate product options as a speaker or trainer were physical – books, pamphlets, and CD sets. If you were really creative, you might have created a train-the-trainer system to replicate your services. Beyond that, your options were limited.

While there’s still a place for these types of products, today's corporate clients demand more.

Thanks to web & mobile, you have countless options to meet those expectations: digital versions of custom training initiatives, employee performance tools, onboarding solutions, surveys & assessments, micro-trainings, academies, certifications, custom learning paths, and many other interactive tools.

The possibilities are endless.

In fact, corporate eLearning & virtual training is projected to surpass in-person presentations in the next 3 years. And while digital will never replace the power of the stage, it has become a viable play to get leadership development into the hands of employees previously overlooked.


So how do you do it?

The right product – your core product – relies on a clear product strategy, which we break down into four components: 

  1. Define your Value Proposition. This is the pain you’re solving: your customers, what they want, and why they’ll buy. 
  2. Outline your Content Framework. This is what makes you, you: your Intellectual Property, models, formulas, and systems. 
  3. Design your Distribution Channel. This is how you’ll deliver it: your Intellectual Technology, preferred platform, systems, and pricing. 
  4. Map out a Marketing & Sales Strategy. This is how you’ll promote, nurture, and sell it: your key partners, activities, and resources. 
  5. Create the Prototype. This is actually how you’ll get the sale. No need to spend countless hours (and dollars) producing a solution you hope will succeed. Instead, with the right foundation and sales material, you can actually sell it before you build it. Win-Win! 

By following these steps, you’ll have everything you need to build and sell your core product. You'll have a foundation to refer to again and again as the market shifts and trends change. You'll have a structured method that de-risks your investment and ensures you create a solution companies actually buy.

Need help pulling it off? Or just want to accelerate that process? That’s where our Product Strategy Lab comes in.

How we help

Option 1: Product Strategy Lab

Get your product ideas out of your head and into an actionable plan. 

Over the course of three (3) calls, we’ll walk you through the first four steps above (1. Value Proposition, 2. Content Framework, 3. Distribution Channel, 4. Marketing & Sales). We will assess the viability & sellability of your newly defined core product, map out how it fits into the grand scheme of your business, provide clear technology recommendations (including phased development timeline and budget), and outline clear options for building and selling it.

This is the perfect solution if you’re looking to narrow your focus, gain traction on your product idea, and accelerate your path to certainty without a large investment.

Deliverables include: Three (3) two-hour Skype calls + written actionable plan.

The price is $2,500.

Option 2: Product Strategy Lab + Prototype

You receive the same Product Strategy Lab deliverables and services listed above, but we add on a 5-Day Full-Time Intensive to actually build out the first phase of your product. See your product idea come to life as we design, wireframe, and then develop a prototype for you in 5 short days.

Upon completion of Product Strategy Lab + Prototype, you’ll have everything you need to BUILD and SELL your core product – including a clickable prototype and a sales slide deck you can use to pre-sell your product and/or recruit investors. 

To top it off, Option 2 also includes 30-days of 24/7 unlimited access Advisory Retainer to ensure no question is left unanswered (valued at $3,000/mo).

This is ideal for clients who desire more creative, tangible work, and are ready to fast-track their development ideas.

Deliverables include: (3) two-hour Skype calls + written actionable plan + 5-Day Full-Time Intensive + Prototype + Professional Sales/Investment Slide Deck + 30-days 24/7 Advisory Services

The price is $9,000.


How do I know I’m a good fit?

You have an established speaking or consulting business. Most of our clients are doing quite well, but their business (or spirit) is stagnant. They’re ready to leverage their five-figure speaking engagements into six-figure follow-on work, and they see the potential of seven-figure non-speaking income.

What do I need to do to qualify?

Ideally, you already have a foundation for content framework (some content unique to you), and you’ve already made some decent attempt at a speaking website and marketing.

You’re ready to receive and act on advice contrary to traditional sources, networks, and associations stuck in the past.

The need to apply has nothing to do with false scarcity, and everything to do with ensuring this is the right fit for you. We don't accept a client unless we're certain we can deliver a significant ROI.

What guarantee do I have?

We provide a 100% Good Fit guarantee. If you’re not happy after the initial call, we’ll return all your money, no questions asked.

What if I haven’t published a book yet?

Our clients typically fall into one of these categories:

  1. I’ve already published a book (or books). This gives us a huge headstart. You have your knowledge in order and content creation doesn’t overwhelm you. You also probably have some experience pre and post-selling to decision makers and audience members, which will come in handy with our more advanced strategies. 
  2. It’s next on my To-Do List. We get it, you have something special you want to share with the world, and what better way than write a book? But let’s be real. How much do you plan to earn on this book? Or is it just an expensive, time-consuming business card that opens doors? We offer an alternative plan. Working with us will in no way preclude you from writing a book. In fact, you’ll find it much easier to finally get off the dime and publish once your Client Path and Content Framework are well defined.

I still have questions

No problem. We’re just a message away.

Next steps

Contact us if you’d like to get started. We’ll respond with a few questions and a calendar link for a 30-minute introductory call.

If we agree it’s a good fit, we’ll send you a payment link and schedule our first steps.

P.S. Need help with the "bigger picture" first? Check out our 7-Figure Roadmap.

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